This is the Community Source Code location for the SharePoint and Office App Model Samples. We will be revising and enhancing the samples here and they should be considered just that, samples. We are working with the MSDN Content Publishing team to take the most impactful and useful samples that complete common customer scenarios and publishing them as "Solution Packs" of content as well as "Sample Packs" of sample code that has been reviewed by the Office365 team and blessed as a recommended way to approach these scenarios.

This package is released by a group of volunteers who are committed to continue further expanding this sample package in the future. Notice that we use CodePlex project only as our publishing channel and the actual source code is stored in different location. Our downloadable release packages will however contain code and documentation for each of the released example.

Currently this project is very focused on the SharePoint scenarios but we are keeping a keen eye towards including the all-up Office Developer story as we move forward.

Check Office AMS July 2014 release blog post for details on the latest version.

Key persons who contributed on Office AMS program

Here's the current list of Microsoft people who have contributed to the Office AMS samples and patterns.

  • Alex Randall
  • Ashish Trivedi
  • Amar Bhogal
  • Anna Ngo
  • Bert Jansen
  • Bob Fox
  • Brian Jackett
  • Brian Michely
  • Christian Heide Damm
  • Craig Riter
  • Frank Marasco
  • Freddy Kristiansen
  • Jaakko Nikko
  • Jim Blanchard
  • Joe Rodgers
  • Johan Skårman
  • Karim Kameka
  • Ken Milne
  • Kiki Shuxteau



Q - I'm not familiar of the code, where can I get help or assistance?
A - Please use the CodePlex issue and discussion functionalities to get assistance. We will be also releasing videos and additional guidance based on your feedback, so let us know what's missing and we'll look to address it.

Q - I found bug from the package, how to proceed?
A - Please use the issues section in this CodePlex site. Don't be shy, sharing your findings is critical for the success of the CAM/App patterns. We would welcome not just a bug submission but if you have a proposed workaround, Please share that as well.

Q - I have suggestions or improvements to the provided package, how to proceed?
A - We would be extremely pleased with any feedback and suggestions on the package. Please report any suggestions to the package using the discussion boards. We will be closely following any messages to this group.

Q - Can I use this code and material within any project I'm involved?
A - Feel free to utilize this anyway you want. You can use these in your demos, own projects, customer project or even write additional blog posts about them. We hope that our learning leads to more predictable and repeatable implementations.

Q - What is the reference of these examples to MSDN guidance?
A - We try to keep Office AMS project as agile as posisble to minimize any delays on sharing examples. MSDN will be updated based what we also do in AMS project, but that takes always some additional time to ensure that samples follow up on the official publishing guidance. So, If you aren't afraid to tear apart code with minimal assistance, feel free to do so. If you prefer to wait until more complete guidance comes along to accompany it, by all means wait for the more formal guidance in the MSDN Solution Packs.

I want to contact the Office AMS team directly

Please use the discussion functionality in this project site as the primary collaboration tool. Please note also that Office App Model Samples (AMS) initiative is a community program, so there's no support SLA for any of the examples. This is an effort by the community, for the community.

MSDN references

Check also new SharePoint Online Solution Pack for branding and provisioning. This package contains also some examples, which originates from the AMS reference implementations. Here's the direct links for the Solution Pack

You can find introduction to this SharePoint Online Solution Pack for branding and provisioning from following blog post - Introduction to SharePoint Online Solution Pack for branding and provisioning released.


IMPORTANT - Disclaimer: The source code, scripts and/or tools are provided "AS-IS". Usage does NOT include ANY warranty, guarantee or ongoing FUTURE updates from Microsoft.

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