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Core.Peoplepicker gives error "An error occurred while processing your request."


when i run your peoplepicker sample,i got this error "An error occurred while processing your request.".I configure every thing like ClientId,ClientSecret,ClientSigningCertificatePath,ClientSigningCertificatePassword,IssuerId in web.config.

Also my provider hosted apps is working.
If anybody have an idea,please give me reply back.

Thanks in adavance.
Bhaskar Varshney


vesaj wrote Aug 15, 2014 at 2:52 PM

Hi Bhaskar,
if you take the latest version, you should be able to run that without ANY changes towards Office 365. That would confirm that solution works. If you are then planning to use that in on-premises, required actions are dependent on the on-premises setup, like are you using high trust in the SP farm or the ACS setup.

In ACS setup, you should register client ID and secret using appregnew.aspx and use that. You should not use then ClientSigningCertificate or IssuerId in web.config.

If you are using High trust (S2S), you'd be using then the ClientSigningCertificate.

We are still following up on any submission in the code plex as well, but all the latest versions of the code has been relocated to the GitHub at That would be also the right location for any issues you have found in the code or getting support.

You can also get additional support from Yammer using the specific group under Office365 Technical Network at

bhaskarvarshney wrote Aug 18, 2014 at 7:30 AM

Hi Vesaj,

Thanks for your reply.I am already configured clientID and secret in appregnew.aspx for on premises.But i am unable to run this sample.I am used this code in my sample,but it gives error like fix it.If you have any idea how to fix it,please give me reply.

I am using provider hosted apps in high trust.

Thanks & Regards
Bhaskar Varshney

vesaj wrote Aug 18, 2014 at 12:47 PM

Hi Bhaskar,
I'd first ensure that environmetn is 100% ready for this. Have you tried to use the code with developer site collection, when you don't need to use appregnew.asp? That's when Visual Studio will take care of the configuration towards the developer site collection. This would be the simplest way to test that everything is working fine and then you can move to actual deployment of the app using appregnew and other steps.