OfficeAMS becomes Office365 Developer Patterns & Practices

We have moved to

Wow - OfficeAMS has really grown up !

We on the OfficeAMS team have some great news to share ! Due to the overwhelmingly positive response we have received from the community and the great work that the team has done to date, our community project is growing up. It is now becoming the Office365 Developer Patterns & Practices !!

While this is a change of location (we are moving from Codeplex to GitHub) and a change of branding, we feel this is nothing but goodness for the community. We will now be in a position to be more open and collaborative with these samples and will including more folks in the team as a result.

We will still be vetting submissions from the community with our core team and any "questionable" approaches that are not 100% supported by the Office Developer Platform Engineering team will not be allowed to be included here. You can rest assured that if there is a sample here, it has the blessing of the Office Developer Platform team as a supportable approach for your solutions.

So - In short, the last release on codeplex has happened and all new development and releases will occur from our new GitHub Repo Come join us In our new home !


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